About Hylan Vo

Hylan Vo is a Preferred 2014 Member of Wedding.com and was recently awarded Best of Wedding.com 2013 Photographer!

Hylan Vo is a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area with over ten years of experience and practice. Her mission is to deliver exclusive, one of a kind services to her clients. Influenced by a strong background in fine arts and study of classical film photography, Hylan captures individuals and moments in their perfection with professional lighting, composition and setting. Combined with a modern contemporary approach, advanced in-camera and post production techniques, Hylan’s photographs produces a unique classic appeal and timeless quality.

Hylan’s exclusive service packages were created with her client’s needs in mind. Her goal is to exceed beyond her clients’ expectations in any service which she renders. Personal consultation is included in all of her packages to provide time to connect with her client one-on-one and to understand individual needs in-depth. She is keen on accommodation, providing options for flexibility and guidance regarding shoot arrangement, clothing, makeup, and presentation in preparation for and during the shoot. Hylan puts her heart into making the photography experience, from beginning to end, the very best for each client she serves.